Psychedelic Soul is an endless series of abstract depictions created through the utilization and combination of multiple digital softwares and assorted parameters working from a stream-of-consciousness rendering emotions in the form of eclectic abstract color fields. This particular body of work is inspired by soul music more specifically Psychedelic Soul music, a genre of music sometimes referred to as black rock that came to prominence in the late 1960s.  More︎ 

Harmony In Motion is the audio visualization of Joe Satriani song Always with Me, Always with You from his 1987 album Surfing with the Alien. Like the majority of my work this piece was created from a stream-of-consciousness through a experimental process using a variety of different softwares and structured systems that let the music guide the resulting visualizations. What does sound look like, how those it move and what color would it be? These are all questions that often mystified me and eventually led to this particular project and my fascination with the visualization of sound.  More︎